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"The natural movement of
energy in life moves from the
natural world through the
natural self and back out into
the natural world again in a
beautiful cycle. We might
think of it as an infinite
nesting of flowers, each
blooming into and through
the next..."

"We allow and return to the
moment. We repeat this
process until our attention is
only on the moment. And
when that process starts to
mature we are witness to the
birth of the natural self. And
then comes the beauty of the

"Legitimate personal and spiritual development requires we actually find something real, something fundamentally true about ourselves, something with value we can feel and use. But as the false self, looking for answers is a matter of digging and pulling from what seems like a void..."

Anton Elohan Byers
After twenty years of meditating, studying and searching through the available literature I grew tired of looking for a spiritual development path that made sense, functioned effectively and quickly and didn't cost an arm and a leg. When my own awakening started to dawn in 2005 I realized that spiritual development was actually a simple matter, that the problems between us and awakening were ones we could understand if put to us simply, that spiritual development and the actualization of potential were really the same thing, that the secrets to spirituality are not hidden in the past or held hostage by traditional religions. I realized that all of the secrets are held inside each of us and we can access these secrets with simple perceptual shifts. I then set out to make this understanding available in very cost effective and easy-to-use ways to everyone. The result is Intuisdom.

My first book, published in 2009, explored Intuisdom as a natural path of personal and spiritual development based on observations of the nature of reality once our preconceived notions of it are removed, how we fit into the natural world that remains as our natural self and how we find fulfillment, learn and spiritually awaken by shifting our perceptual mode to that of the natural self. We complete the first stage of this process by finding fulfillment.The path is simple and direct--we recognize the nature of our mistakes and utilize simple techniques to uncover the natural self. The rest is just the natural world unfolding...

As of January, 2014 the next book has arrived in my awareness and is setting itself up for delivery. This book will go the next step and illustrate a deeper principle of Intuisdom for self-development, from the physical body to consciousness to the emerging of the natural self. My blog is my outlet for regular food for consideration as you go through your process...


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Reviews for the first book:

Book Review - Finding Fulfillment with Intuisdom | The BodyZone Blog
"...His book is direct and to the point covering key information for the soul seeking to find his Natural Self. A bare bones guide that was not overwhelming or lengthy.  A casual afternoon read and you're ready to start applying his techniques in your meditation practice...
The fact that this book was written with no particular religion or spiritual preference of beliefs was impressive. To me this sends the message of truth to everyone, that finding your Natural Self is finding the Genuine Real You and your connection to the Natural World..."

Reader Review: Sandy Watkins, Spokane, WA
"Finding Fulfillment with Intuisdom is a direct and sincere path to discovering who you are and who you are not. Simple, straightforward and uncomplicated, the truth of Finding Fulfillment with Intuisdom will serve you your entire life. At last, the truth distilled through simplicity!"

Reader Review: David Richardson, Garner, NC
"This a great little book with BIG ideas. Read it at least twice. Has great self help exercises..."

Reader Review: Lanae, Wallace, ID
"...It is a very simplistic approach at everyday being. I love the way that the author never once says exactly what your outcome will be. He continually points out that your outcome and what you get from your practices will be solely yours.
It is a simplistic approach to how you go about in your perceptions of everyday life and activities. It is something that we should all know and be aware of, but tend to lose the ideals in our busy lives.
It was a fantastic read. I am interested in learning more about the Intuisdom Institute.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to read this wonderful reminder."

Reader Review: RJ, Phoenix, AZ
"This is the simplest and most distilled path and method I’ve come across! Being a meditator who has followed several methods this one is deceptively simple. In the spirit of the book i'll stop here and not pile on more thoughts. Simple simple SIMPLE!"

Update 3.5.2014: Wait! Don't buy that book!! As the next book unfolds inside and is getting ready to come out, as I am preparing to reveal a deeper feature of Intuisdom, I will be re-releasing the first book for free in the next few months as an e-book only. Sign up below to be notified. And read on further a little about that next book~AEB
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